COVID-19 Update 22nd December 2020

Well we did not expect to be back here quite as soon as we did, All our christmas and new year plans now well and truely out of the window. It is so sad that with so many measures we and all our fellow hospitality venues, gay and straight have taken to help fight the virus we are the first to be closed down.

Here is to a better new year for everyone, we will be back as soon as it is deamed safe for us to do so.

Our sister business Eagle 50 have not even been able to partly re-open since initail lockdown such it the nature of the business, however they are keeping the place safe and sound so they can be back with a bang as soon as they can. 

COVID-19 Update 3rd December 2020

So we are about to embark on our third lockdown - starting at 6pm on Friday - we sincerely hope you can join us tonight from 5 through to 10pm and again tomorrow when we’ll open at 4 until last orders at 6. If you can join us we have a number of special offers - including 4 bottles just £12, (please see app for your choice) Bud £2 and lots of other drinks at super low prices - all night THURSDAY and FRIDAY till 6pm and while stocks last...

At the moment we are uncertain if we’ll be open for Christmas or New Year - nobody seems to know despite wide speculation across Wales.

If you can pop in tonight or tomorrow we’d love to see you - remember you don’t need to book.

We will return ....

The Eagle team

COVID-19 Update 23rd October 2020

We are sad that we have had to close once again due to COVID-19, however everyone has been affected this time. Well tonight has been an amazingly busy night/day. Took us by surprise but everyone gone as lockdown begins. As our final track said; Never Can Say Goodbye... we'll be back.

The 10pm closure imposed on bars before lockdown will remain in place when bars re-open in Wales on November 9, Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford has confirmed.


We plan to re-open on the 12th November providing no further restrictions happen. See you soon.

COVID-19 Update 6th October 2020

It is with great sadness that we hear today that Pulse has decided to close, albeit temporarily, until restrictions on trading have eased.  

The reality is that it's not easy for any business, especially in the hospitality trade to struggle through these hard, unprecedented times.  

Not only do we have to take huge steps to ensure social distancing and our venues adopt all Covid-19 conditions to make everyone as safe as possible, it means greatly reduced customer numbers in our venues affecting turnover, combined with much shorter trading hours now we have to close at 10pm.

Another problem is that only customers living in the Cardiff county area can come out - those living in Newport, the valleys, the vale or further afield aren’t allowed out of their own counties during this new lockdown. 

Eagle supports Pulse's statement urging the Welsh Government to reconsider the 10pm curfew. We also believe that customers' health and well being is vitally important.
So - that leaves us three venues still open - namely: The Golden Cross, Main Stage and Eagle.
If you haven't seen it before - Your scene needs you more than ever.....​


COVID-19 Update 30th September 2020


Covid - track & trace


One thing we all agree on is that we hope with all our hearts that Coronavirus will soon be a thing of the past - but with much regret, it seems that day is still a long way off.

But every Eagle customer can help and your continued support will bring us ever closer to the day that this awful pandemic is a thing of the past...and we can restart our lives once more.


Scanning into a bar using the NHS Covid 19 app is important. It’s simple to operate and doesn’t require you to enter any other details once you’ve downloaded and registered the app.


Over the weeks we’ve heard various excuses, why a customer won’t do so - the main one being I don’t want to share private information.


On the face of it, yes that’s a valid reason, but In reality a little odd - most people use their phones for buying items off Amazon, banking, buying/loading apps, messaging, social media, chatting on Recon, Grindr and the like - all of which require a membership sign in.

Yet the one app designed to potentially save your life is viewed differently...


The NHS Covid app is probably the single most important app you can have on your phone.


Do please download and use it if you haven’t already done so.

This applies to everyone coming into Eagle - and not that “oh, I’m with him, and he’s signed in.”


This is for our own protection - to help preventing picking up the virus or unintentionally spreading it.


If you don’t have a smartphone, or have a phone so old it only works on clockwork, please ask our door host to help you sign in.


Finally - county hoping, traveling from one restricted county to another isn’t going to help the pandemic - you are only kidding yourself, and putting both you, your loved ones and Eagle customers’ lives at risk.


Together we can do this...the quicker we can, the quicker your bars will re-open fully once more.


It might be tough - but for all the right reasons.


Lots of love


The Eagle Team


COVID-19 Update 24th September 2020

10pm closing - what it means to Eagle:

In England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the 22:00 curfew coming into force tonight would mean closing "not just calling for last orders".

But in Wales, health minister Vaughan Gething said similar rules coming into force would mean pubs have to stop serving at 22:00.

"I think we're talking in the order of 20 minutes" of drinking up time, he told BBC Radio Wales.

So to summarise:

No orders after 10pm

Drinking up time 20 minutes


COVID-19 Update 22nd September 2020

Bars struggling to make ends meets now have to face another harsh reality - as shorter opening hours are imposed on all licensed premises across the UK - meaning every venue will be forced to close by 10pm in a bid to overcome a second escalation of the covid pandemic.

The health and well-being of everyone is naturally everyone’s top priority, it always will be, but restricting opening hours in such a way as this is certainly not good news for the long term viability of many small businesses.

By 10pm closure the government means everyone off the premises by 10 o clock, not last orders, with customers wandering out at 10 30 or later.

Please make no mistake though, Eagle, as one of the smallest bars in Cardiff, aims to fight through these difficult times.

We aren’t part of a big chain, neither are our premises owned by a brewery and we don’t have other businesses to prop us up.

Eagle50 has been closed since March - and as of today there’s no date even on the distant horizon as to when that might re-open, certainly it seems not before spring 2021 - unless things change very rapidly.

Having said that - Eagle isn’t going to give up - not without a fight.

With your on-going support we will win through this.

In time, we will beat this pandemic and we will emerge the other side in a strong position eager, enthusiastic and energised ready to go again, when we will be launching a new-look Eagle which will not just be another drinking hole but an entertainment venue, like never before. One not designed to compete with other lgbtq places in Cardiff but compliment and expand our gay scene and hopefully help put the city on the gay map of the UK like never before.

You may have already noticed some key changes taken place at the bar - there are many more to come! 2021 should certainly be a year to remember - unlike 2020, this will be for all the right reasons!!

In the meantime, we have to get there!

With your continued support we will fight through this - as long as our loyal customers, and those yet to discover Eagle, back us, support us and pop in for the occasional drink.

Eagle has always been free to come in, anytime of day or night - You won’t have to pay a penny just to be shown to your table. This will never change right through the dark days that may lie ahead of us...

So, as we approach a new era, an era enforced upon us, we plan to open earlier and more days - watch this space.

With your support we can ride through it.

Please spread the word by sharing this message with your friends.


The Eagle team xxx


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