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Remember we are open to EVERYONE.


Eagle bars around the world have a reputation for being synonymous for one thing - hunky gay men who like to be in the company of other gay guys.


Although separately owned and managed, every Eagle bar offers a unique experience.


Eagle Cardiff, the youngest Eagle venue in the UK (there are others in Manchester, London and Newcastle) we offer a complete contrast to the virtually non stop drag, camp emphasis of the other gay/mixed/gay friendly venues in the capital city of Wales, where you are more likely to stumble across hen parties than hunky men!


For many, Eagle is considered to be Cardiff’s ONLY truly gay bar!

With Eagle you know what to expect and you wont be disappointed!!

Check our website for more details!

If you are looking for the sauna then you need Eagle 50 - located accross the road from Eagle bar, check out their own website 


Contact us with your questions or enquiries, remember we open at 5pm and we work late nights, however we will answer your questions or get back to you as quickly as we can.

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